ThunderBird Tattoo                     1648 Temple st LA, CA 90026

To book an appointment please fill out the form below with the subject matter you're interested in getting tattooed, B&G or full color?, roughly what size?, ideal placement are there any tattoos around the area i should be aware of before i draw? if so send a picture please include your budget for this tattoo? What days usually work best for you & how soon you would like to get this tattoo started. Please note most palm sized tattoos I make start at $250. Once you’ve established a time & date with Amanda I do require a $100 deposit via Venmo @vampotna or PayPal this will go towards the over all cost of your tattoo.

Mostly I prefer to draw custom designs the morning of your appointment this is just the process that tends to work best for me. I do not send drawings to clients for changes via email but I do allow you to make smaller changes in person on the spot.

I don’t charge an hourly usually all my flash will be priced by the piece & I won't tattoo the same piece twice unless its the rare occasion of two friends sharing the experence together but generally speaking I prefer to make slight changes on every design I tattoo for every individual client I have.

I do cover ups & will re work older tattoos but its best to have a proper consultation in person or for the more straight forward cover ups please just send photos.


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